PHTA Announces 2019 Fellows

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The rank of PHTA Fellow is an honor bestowed on prominent individuals who have made distinguished contributions that raise professionalism in the aquatic community through teaching, research and/or exemplary service to others. Nominees for the rank of PHTA Fellow are also evaluated on their professional accomplishments and their commitment to the values honored by the PHTA Fellows Program.

The 2019 PHTA Fellows include:



6 Y 1019 Aq Fellow Angelo Pugliese S

Angelo Pugliese
Senior Engineer, CMP

Many of the pool and spa industry's biggest heroes work behind the scenes, like Angelo Pugliese. A senior engineer at CMP with more than 25 years of industry experience, Pugliese has held appointments on the APSP-14 Energy Standards Committee and is also a member of the APSP-16 Committee, UL 1563 Spa Safety Code Committee and the APSP Technical Committee. In 2008, he was awarded the prestigious APSP Eagle Award for his work in presenting the association's hot tub position on the Title 20 energy efficiency standards in California.



6 Z 1019 Aq Fellow George S

George Kazdin
CEO/President, Kazdin Pools
Southampton, N.Y.

George Kazdin is a man whose work has strengthened the very core of the pool and spa industry. Ever since the early 80s, he has consistently held leadership positions in LIPSA, NESPA and NSPI, where he served as a past director. As his daughter, Julie Kazdin, wrote in her nomination form, "His hard work, dedication, and insistence on upholding what is best for the industry has kept our company and our association heading in the right direction. He has taught and brought along others in his passion for the industry."

In addition to his lengthy resume, he is well-known in the industry for his incredibly generous spirit. He has served on the Southampton Stony Brook Hospital Board of Directors for 14 years and recently played an instrumental role in raising funds for the OB/maternity unit. He also dedicates his time to wildlife conservation, collecting data for the purpose of monitoring fish and other marine life to help promote a healthy ocean environment.

"He is a man that spreads his ideals of honesty throughout his life, not just in business," Julie writes.


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