Sutro Announces Partnership with LaMotte

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In game-changing news for the smart water monitoring category, Sutro Connect has announced a partnership with water chemistry leader LaMotte. The partnership allows Sutro Connect to utilize LaMotte’s reagents to power its Sutro Smart Monitor Cartridge while also giving LaMotte access to Sutro’s IoT platform.

“LaMotte is the gold standard for water testing,” said Ravi Kurani, Founder and President of Sutro Connect. “We’re excited to partner with them and celebrate their 100 years of industry excellence.”

The development is notable for several reasons. While still relatively in its infancy, the water monitoring category has for the past several years been led by ConnectedYard’s pHin, a product that generated a $7 million investment from Lonza in 2017 and was acquired by Hayward in April last year. Leveraging LaMotte’s history as a leader in water chemistry with Sutro’s technology positions Sutro as a strong competitor in a category that will only continue to crowd with new devices in the coming years.

Also noteworthy is the methodology behind the partnership. While other water monitoring devices rely on sensor readings, the Sutro/LaMotte partnership will involve reagent-based testing for accurate readings.

“It’s great to see Sutro Connect embrace what we have known for the past 100 years,” said Vice President Richard LaMotte, “Reliable water testing starts with picking the most consistent and accurate testing methods. Reagent based spectroscopy is what we use to measure drinking water, it’s what you use to measure your pool chemistry, and it is a tried and true way to confirm the safety of your water for the last 100 years.”

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