Intermatic Safety Transformers Bring Value to Pool and Spa Applications


The PX300 Safety TransformerThe PX300 Safety Transformer

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Installing a new backyard pool or spa is all about decisions. From the size and shape of the pool basin to landscaping and lighting, every detail matters. The same is true when selecting pool components.

Though products can share the same basic look and functionality, what’s under the surface can make a major difference when it comes to reliability and value. For example, installing high-performance safety transformers can help streamline installations and ensure consistency from one season to the next, whereas an inferior solution can cause delays and maintenance headaches.  

Intermatic safety transformers, such as the PX100, PX300 and COMBOConnect® Junction Box Transformer, are manufactured in an ISO-certified facility that includes more than 40 on-site specialty engineers and offer unique features that help them stand out in a crowded field.

Here’s what to look for in our time-tested safety transformers.  

Extra Space for Wiring Flexibility  

Properly installing a transformer that has limited space for wires and wiring nuts can be a challenge in the field. Too often, solutions require installers to pack wires into a compact space, which can lead to wasted time and increases the potential for user error.

Intermatic transformers include extra space within the transformer enclosure to simplify the wiring process. The intentional design choice allows contractors to easily access and manipulate wires within the unit, providing a cleaner, more efficient installation experience.  

Automatic Breaker Reset

Even when homeowners take proactive steps to prevent power issues, unexpected fluctuations in electrical current can cause circuits to overload. Typically, this means any low-voltage lights that are connected to an overloaded circuit stay switched off until someone resets the breaker.

Though many transformers require homeowners or a technician to manually open the transformer enclosure to reset the breaker, Intermatic transformers include a built-in breaker reset that does this automatically. Not only does this help restore pool and spa lighting faster, it saves contractors the hassle of repeated nuisance service calls to deal with breaker resets.

Built-in Noise Filter

In pool and spa lighting, each component has the ability to positively or negatively affect the performance of the lighting system as a whole. Intermatic transformers like the PX50, PX100 and PX300 (including stainless steel models) offer a built-in noise filter to promote top performance.

Consolidated transformer components in a single enclosureConsolidated transformer components in a single enclosure

Upgrading to COMBOConnect

While individual Intermatic safety transformers are a safe bet for any number of pool and spa lighting applications, contractors who want to take their projects to the next level may want to consider the COMBOConnect Junction Box Transformer (U.S Patent #10072831).

The hybrid solution blends the simplicity of a standard junction box with the power of a 100 W low-voltage transformer, allowing users to do more with less.

The key benefit of COMBOConnect is its compact size. Its unique design requires 20-30 percent less space than traditional, separately-installed components. This smaller footprint equates to less clutter on the pool pad and improved aesthetics. Pool builders have fewer items to hide or design around with landscaping and outdoor décor, while homeowners and pool service technicians have easier access to all pool components due to the additional space COMBOConnect creates.

The versatile COMBOConnect is listed and labeled per NEC 680.24 for use with pool and spa underwater luminaires and per NEC 411 for low-voltage landscape lighting. This distinction makes COMOBOConnect code-compliant and compatible with a wide selection of lighting solutions. It’s a reliable choice for nicheless low-voltage lights in pool and spa applications, as well as landscape and fountain lighting needs.

Because COMBOConnect does the work of two components, contractors can save time on labor without sacrificing performance. In fact, the unit lets installers connect up to five low-voltage lights out of the box – one more than is common with larger junction boxes.

Though COMBOConnect is primarily used in low-voltage pool and spa lighting applications, it is also capable of handling a variety of landscape lighting needs, making it a highly versatile solution for installers.

By taking time to find the safety transformer that best meets project needs, pool service professionals can ensure they’re installing a solution that delivers on performance while offering true long-term value to pool owners.

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