Lost Hot Tub Found 20 Miles Away

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After Hurricane Michael slammed Florida’s St. George Island in October, many residents returned from the evacuation to learn they had little left to return to.

David Coston, who owns a vacation home on the island, was one of the lucky ones whose property survived the Michael’s sustained winds and storm surge.

The day he returned, Coston was certainly relieved to see the house standing, but he did notice something was missing. “Wait a minute, our hot tub’s not here,” he said

Coston was certainly not complaining. Not considering what other islanders had gone through. Still, it was a mystery.

Coston later went on the island’s Facebook page, where someone had posted a picture of a hot tub on the beach at Dog Island, 20 miles from Coston’s home. Could this be his hot tub, not in a neighbor’s yard or in a pile of debris but on a beach in another ZIP code? Believe it or not, it was. And it was no worse for the wear.

“In fact, a guy posted a picture the other day,” Coston told a local reporter. “He was actually sitting in the middle of it. And he said, you know, this is where we’re relaxing on the bay.”

Check out the story the local NBC affiliate ran about Coston’s missing hot tub.

"With all the tragedy around us, everybody's looking for some good news and something that's funny," Coston said.

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