This Burger King Has an Unexpected Amenity

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Burger King's famous slogan is, "Have it your way." And if "your way" means eating a Whopper while enjoying a sauna, well, you can have it that way too.

That's because a new Burger King in Finland — long considered the champion of sauna culture, with one sauna for every three people — offers a comprehensive spa experience with two saunas, one that seats 15 and another that seats 10, along with showers and dressing rooms. (The latter also includes a 48-inch TV for good measure.)

During their stay at the restaurant/spa hybrid (or as we at AQUA like to call it, a "spa-taurant"), guests can lounge in Burger King-branded towels while servers arrive to take orders. When things get a bit too steamy, guests can cool off with a shower or enjoy the tricked-out media lounge, which features a 55-inch TV and Playstation.

Spa-goers can sign up in advance online. Unfortunately, at 250 euros for three hours (or about $282), it's quite a bit pricier than a good old cheeseburger and fries.

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