APSP Partners With Gallup

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The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals has announced a partnership with the polling research company Gallup to develop data on pool ownership in the U.S.

Through in-depth surveying of those who purchased pools over the last 24 months, this new research program will assess the state of the pool and spa market nationally, and provide analysis and advice to participants on demographic trends, media habits, and the purchase decision process, among other key attributes.

The study is available to APSP manufacturer members who have financially pledged to participate. Participants have direct input into the survey instrument and the overall research direction. Gallup will analyze the results and provide a full narrative report to participating funders.

“This study will reveal key data that the industry has never had before,” said APSP vice president of business development, Patrick Giambalvo. “The findings will tell who is buying our industry’s products, how they perceive them, and how they perceive competitive products. It will enable participating companies to make informed business decisions,” he said.

Earlier this month, APSP announced a consumer campaign aimed at raising consumer awareness about the benefits of pools, hot tubs and spas. Information gleaned from this research will further strengthen the campaign.

“We are committed to helping manufacturers grow their business and we do this by offering opportunities like participating on groundbreaking research. Collectively, we’re investing in the future of the industry,” Giambalvo added.

For now the research program is focused on pool ownership. Giambalvo expects to extend the program to the hot tub segment in the future.

For more information or to subscribe to the study, contact Giambalvo at 703-838-0083, ext 159.

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