Swimming Pools Go Viral in Dunk Shot Videos

Cailley Hammel Headshot

The latest wave in viral videos? Making waves, literally, by performing highly choreographed dunk shots into a swimming pool’s basketball hoop. 

While swimming pool dunks have always been cool, filming the feats for YouTube grew popular earlier this summer. The videos typically feature small groups people passing a basketball to each other, often in mid-jump, before a stunning finish with a slam dunk. In the spirit of one-upmanship (and perhaps boredom), a group of teens from Tualatin, Ore., took it to the next level by incorporating eight people into the routine in this video:


According to a story on Oregon Live, this dunk took 20 attempts in just 30 minutes to achieve. 

Of course, why stop there? After rapidly winning acclaim, shoutouts on Jimmy Kimmel Live and more than 1 million YouTube hits and counting, the guys banded together to create a new video — with 11 people. The new video reportedly took 40 takes to capture, and so far, it's snagged nearly 500,000 hits in just a week. 

Can't get enough swimming pool dunks? Check out this list from Mashable for more.

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