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Scott WebbAll the cool kids have an app these days. And now, we do, too.

We’re not just trying to look hip and trendy — although we are. This thing is a really helpful new way to access our unique industry message. Now, the same insightful business information you have come to rely on in print or on your desktop can be quickly accessed on your iPad wherever you go — uptown, downtown, on planes and underground trains, even in your own living room.

Download it for the price of an easy smile from the App Store, and you can read every issue of AQUA magazine for the last four and a half years, cover to cover. (Or, just flip to the bits you need.)

You can also use the app to connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Again, iPads only, and this wonder of convenience is FREE and currently available on the App Store.

To find it, go to the iTunes App Store and search for “AQUA Magazine.”

Scott Webb

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