Registration Open for World Aquatic Health Conference 2013

World Aquatic Health Conference logoEarly registration is now available for the World Aquatic Health Conference. The two-day event is slated for October 16 to 18, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Indianapolis. The 10th annual conference promises a packed schedule with new symposia, more seminars, speakers, special guests and plenty of conference events. 

After 10 years of gathering researchers and industry leaders to spread the message of safety and health, organizers from the National Swimming Pool Foundation are especially excited for this year's theme: "Inspired Science." 

“Our 10th Anniversary celebrates the inspiration of science and creating our legacy through impactful, practical and passionate solutions,” says Conference Manager Michelle Kavanaugh.

More than 400 global recreational water leaders are expected to attend and hear the most influential academic, industry and government experts share the latest in science, trends and innovation. To cater to the various audiences, organizers have boosted the number of educational symposia to eight and will offer more than 50 seminars that encompass critical and cutting-edge areas. Some of the academic offerings will include:

Public Health Code (5 seminars): Includes a full day focused on hot tub outbreaks, drowning and other injury and illness prevention; exploring what’s next for the MAHC and building a team approach.Recreational Water Illness Prevention (5 seminars): Will feature several presentations made at the International Conference on Swimming Pool & Spa in Rome 2013Disinfection By-Products (4 seminars): Includes a close-up series on urine and pool water (why it’s not safe to pee in the pool) combined with a workshop to implement societal changeFacility Management (10 seminars): Offers two days of presentations including breath holding safety issues, pool opportunities beyond recreation, ADA, diversity and moreDrowning Prevention (8 seminars): Delivers two days of seminars looking at physiology of pediatric drowning, legislation hypothermia, panel discussions and much more;Health Benefits (10 seminars): Presents a two-day look at mild cold stress and the science related to longevity, metabolism, and swimming; a research on the habitual aquatic conditioning and impact on aging, brain fitness and aquatic exercise and moreNatural Technology (5 seminars): Will address pools treated with plants instead of chemicals, impact of sphaghum moss on DBP levels, sustaining water treatment with moringa oleifera seedsNew Industrial Technology (4 seminars): Co-generation of UV, Ozone and Hdyroxyl Radicals; The Ryznar Index, Fecal Release “Code Brown” and advances in probe and controller technologies.

To learn more about the conference, click here

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