Feedback: Educate to Create Value

[Re: How Much Does Competitive Pricing Influence Loyal Customers? By Larry Bloom, posted on January 30, 2013]

Not too long ago we started looking around and thought the internet was the biggest impact to our sales successes or failures. As we continue to research and learn, we find the lack of attention to our value proposition is one of the biggest impacts. We now have a plan to educate our associates, team members and customers about what our value add is. We will do a better job coupling our reasonable prices with our professional services to create a premium value to our customers.

Our biggest needs revolve around education programs that our employees need to convey knowledge and confidence to our customers. We can do some internal education but need outside sources to assist with product and sales education. We need to build a complete ‚Äúswimming pool academy‚ÄĚ to encompass all the necessary tools.

We continue to analyze and evaluate our customer, our processes, and our data in order to be a leader for our customers and have continued success. Thanks for the great info.

Bob Goodall  | Goodall Pools and Spas

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