Feedback: No Field of Dreams

[Re: Social Media: Let Your Customers Do the Talking By Cailley Hammel, January Issue – feedback left on the AQUA magazine website]

First, great article!

Social media is not the Field of Dreams. Just because you finally created an account on Facebook does not mean that you will have any “likes.” Social media is as avenue to distribute your marketing strategy and should NOT be your marketing strategy.

I agree with everything Cailley suggests. One extra step I would recommend is once you create the customer album, make sure to recreate that album on your personal website, and if possible, traditional media. Too many businesses spend too much time on their social media sites, and neglect their websites. Remember, social media is about the “conversation” and seldom the “conversion.” Conversion happens on your website and in your store. Drive them there. Also, you don’t own Facebook, if they decide to go away, so will all your efforts. Remember MySpace? … I don’t.

Clay Norman

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