Video: Infants Swim 25-Meter Swimming Pool

Ellie and William Trykush, of Gloucestershire, Britain, are unlike any twins you’ve ever heard of. At nine months old — meaning they can’t yet talk, walk or do much of anything on their own — both brother and sister can swim a 25-meter swimming pool completely unassisted. 

According to this story, their parents, Vic and Charley Trykush, didn’t think their children’s abilities were out of the ordinary. 

“It wasn’t until we came to swimming lessons and people got so excited about it that we realised just how unusual it was and how clever they were,” Charley says.

On their own (but with their parents close by, of course), these tadpoles take to the water, flip on their backs and swim that way. 

With such an unusual talent, Vic Trykush has high hopes for his kids:

 “Now they can swim and seeing that they were born in an Olympic year, 2012, I would love to see them at the 2028 Olympics possibly, when they’re 16, doing the open water swim.”

Check out this video and see the twins in action:

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