LOOP-LOC Launches Photo-Based Pool Measurement Technology

Scott Webb Headshot

Loop-Loc logoLOOP-LOC, Ltd., of Hauppauge, N.Y. introduces Image-Loc, an innovative and proprietary technological approach to measuring for pool covers, in which pool cover measurements can be taken simply by shooting photos with a camera instead of taking point-to-point measurements.

“With our proprietary process it only takes five minutes to snap some pictures of a pool and we will be able to provide highly accurate and complete measurements of perimeters and surrounding landscapes.” says LeeAnn Donaton-Pesta, LOOP-LOC President & CEO.

“Under the current A-B process,” she adds, “measuring pools takes time and resources. With the ever- increasing landscaping options and unique free form pools available to customers, the amount of time necessary to obtain required and accurate measurements for a cover to fit properly is tedious and costly.”

According to LOOP-LOC, the new technology only requires one person to follow the Image-Loc process and submit the information necessary to manufacture a properly fitted pool cover.

In addition, “Dealers no longer will be required to revisit sites to re-measure a pool or to input measurements. All measurements can be taken from the photographs today, tomorrow or years down the road,” the company said.

To register for the use of this proprietary process and to receive additional information and guidelines contact LOOP-LOC at [email protected].

For more information about the Image-Loc measuring process or any LOOP-LOC products, visit www.looploc.com or call 1-800-LOC-LOOP (in N.Y. State: 631-582-2626).

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