A Reader Sounds Off On The Internet Threat

A blog post by Larry Bloom ("How Swimming Pool Retailers Can Thrive In The Internet Age," posted Jan. 27), drew the following reader response.

Internet Sales are just another example of free enterprise. My only gripe is that a consumer can go online and purchase a shipped product for less than we can get it from distribution.

We do take advantage of that if a consumer calls and asks if we will install their new Internet purchase — we give them a price for installation and have them sign an invoice stating that all warranty claims are to be made through the manufacturer.

If it turns out to be our customer, we will diagnose the call as a courtesy, but any and all repairs are to be confirmed by the manufacturer before we take any action after the initial diagnosis of the unit.

If distribution is selling via the Internet, they really need to adjust their prices to Internet companies so we trade people can offer a competitive price also.

Rich Lubowieck

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