Spotlight: British Swim School

photo of Nick Dobbs
Nick Dobbs is the owner/director for the British Swim School in the Chicago area, including Naperville and Oak Brook.

How does British Swim School work and how has it worked for you as a business opportunity?

The school lives by the motto "survival of the littlest," teaching survival swim methods first and skill development second. Prior to teaching their methods in the pool, I did not realize nor would I have ever believed that you could teach children as young as six months old how to roll onto their back and survive a fall into water that was above their heads. Nor would I have ever agreed that an 18 month old could swim to the safety of a wall, or that a 3 year old could compete in our swim meets, racing freestyle and backstroke down the pool. British Swim School's gentle and fun teaching approach allows every instructor to comfortably teach any child how to survive in the water.

I moved forward with the opportunity to open a British Swim School franchise after being sold on the company's teaching methods and the ample opportunity for rapid growth and development with an extremely low investment — the company requires no pool construction as pools are rented for classes at locations such as hotels, park districts and health clubs.

The organizational tools provided by British Swim School have allowed me to grow from five students in June of 2009 to over 700 students in June of 2011, and from one pool location to four pools. Much of this success is due not only to the support tools provided but the positive image and branding that was created long before the school began franchising.

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