November 2011 Spotlight: Kevin Woodhurst, Vice President and General Manager Dolphin Pools & Spas, Phoenix, Ariz.

photo of Kevin Woodhurst
Kevin Woodhurst, an award-winning swimming pool designer, builder and company executive, has promoted green pools and building practices for over 15 years with a focus on low maintenance, low waste, and minimal chemical use pools. In 2011 Kevin introduced ECO-smart pools to the Phoenix area.

Q: What is the ECO-smart concept all about?

ECO-smart is designed to save resources across the board and build value for customers. My market is in the desert southwest were the electric grid is increasingly taxed and our water supply is diminishing rapidly. These items along with other environmental concerns are at the forefront of ECO-smart.

It is a holistic system. It's not just about installing a variable-speed pump, adding an in-floor cleaning and circulation system or bolting on something like a saltwater system. There is more to it than that. We build ROI into every pool.

photo of ECO-smart pool

Our ECO-smart pools are designed to save energy, use less chemicals, waste very little water, and be environmentally responsible.  They are designed with automation and features that enhance ownership rather than detract from it. Our construction standards and specifications go beyond the industry minimum. We use materials that have proven to last longer like Pebble Tec products, we utilize commercial-grade materials when feasible, we use more steel and our plumbing systems are designed to take advantage of our equipment sets. And I use an A & A ECOSKIM on every pool — in my opinion no pool should be built with out this amazing and efficient skimmer.

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