In The News: February 2007

Genesis 3 Design Group Forges Key European Alliance   

As part of its ongoing campaign to foster cooperation and shared educational opportunities with watershapers overseas, Genesis 3 has announced an alliance with Germany's leading pool and spa association, Bundesverband Schwimmbad & Wellness (BSW).

Genesis 3 co-founders David Tisherman, Skip Phillips and Brian Van Bower announced this intercontinental watershaping connection following an October visit to Germany, during which they met extensively with BSW members, including European Union of Swimming Pool and Spa Associations (EUSA) executive committee member and current EUSA president Bert Granderath and other industry leaders to identify points of shared interest and potential future cooperation. As a first step, Genesis 3 is becoming a member of BSW, which in turn is joining the ranks of Genesis 3's sponsoring members.

Genesis 3 will also host a contingent of BSW members at its next construction school, slated for March, in Morro Bay, Calif. After that, a contingent of G3 members (including its three founders) will attend BSW's annual conference and convention, Aquanale 2007, in Cologne, Germany, which runs from Oct. 31-Nov. 3, 2007.

"This is an important step in creating meaningful dialogue and business connections between U.S. and European watershapers," says Bower. "One of Genesis 3's most ambitious goals always has been to find ways to expose our audience to the way things are done in other countries, and vice versa. It's our belief that by cross-pollinating our profession on both sides of the Atlantic, we will gain greater knowledge and perspective that will help us all succeed in the ever-changing watershaping markets."

According to Bower, this latest step is part of an effort to create a sequence of global industry summit meetings, at which members of the international watershaping community can gather, share information, identify common challenges and opportunities, and ultimately develop cooperative programs that will mutually benefit U.S. and foreign watershaping professionals.

APSP Presents 2006 Awards

Watkins Manufacturing Corp. was recently awarded the 2006 INSPIRE Award by the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP). The award's initials stand for the "Industry Nomination for Spa Promotion and Innovation, Recognizing Excellence," and it honors a company's total contributions to the hot tub segment of the recreational water industry, whose efforts embody an overall spirit of pride, dedication and service, says the APSP. Criteria for the award include encouraging employee involvement in the industry, regularly communicating the benefits of hot water therapies through advertising and general promotion of the industry as a whole.

"Watkins is honored to be recognized for our technological innovation as well as educational and promotional efforts which have had a positive impact on the spa industry, and ultimately the consumer," says Mike Dunn, vice president of sales and marketing at Watkins. The 2006 APSP Eagle Award was given to Chris Robinson, director of sales and marketing, Lucite International. The award is presented by the APSP Hot Tub Council to recognize an individual "whose efforts have demonstrated the highest commitment and service to the advancement of the hot water industry, embodying an overall spirit of pride and dedication," according to the association. To qualify, the person must demonstrate a contribution to the industry that extends beyond his or her self-interests or the interests of the company, as well as showing a commitment to service and growth in the hot water industry.

"This is quite an honor, and I see it as a push to continue driving with the strategic planning committee of the Hot Tub Council to refocus our industry organization on category growth and service, rather than as recognition of a job well done…yet," says Robinson.

Online University Announces 2007 Schedule

Keiser University, based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and formerly known as Keiser College, announced its 2007 class schedule for students interested in enrolling in the Associate of Science, two-year Aquatic Engineering Degree Program, which is available through its eCampus online degree program center.

The Keiser University Aquatic Engineering degree is 60 semester hours, and each student is required to complete 36 credit hours of major courses and 24 credit hours of general education courses. According to the university, "the degreed program encourages students to broaden their knowledge in all aspects of swimming pool and spa management and operation." It is offered exclusively online, with further details available at 

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