Man Falls in Pool, Catches Home Run, Saves Beer

Scott Webb Headshot

Perhaps you could have done it, too. We all have moments of great concentration; in the modern world, such generally private moments become glory when captured on video camera and posted on YouTube and other sites.

This one took place at Chase Field in Phoenix, during the 2011 Home Run Derby prior to the MLB All-Star game.

As the video shows, a fan watching the 2011 Home Run Derby tracked a home run ball off the bat of Adrian Gonzalez 400 feet to the edge of the Chase Field pool, where he gathered in the fly with his gloved hand while keeping a steady grip on his beer cup as he fell into the water below. The man holds the beer and ball aloft while lingering underwater for a nice final flourish.

Eds. Note: You can do this yourself at home with a pool, a baseball glove and ball, and a cup of beer. You just have to maintain focus on the ball and the beer. 

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