Garden Art

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For this project, we were trying to create the real feel of Mother Nature," says Bill Renter, owner of the Deck & Patio Company in Huntington Station, N.Y.

To create that natural feeling for this watergarden in Dix Hills, N.Y., the builder had moss rock trucked in from the hills of New Jersey. The rocks already had some moss on them, but Renter says his workers also transplanted moss from the site onto the rocks.

The stream and waterfalls are meant to mimic the brooks and scenes Renter observes during his frequent hikes in upstate New York. "We wanted to create two different water feature effects on this pond. One is the stream with multiple small spills along the way and the other was a louder, crashing waterfall."

The latter fall originates just beneath a group of red impatiens, which are used throughout the project. The weeping white pine cascading down between the two falls reflects the movement of the water and adds to the tranquility of the environment. There are also plants placed in the water to advance the pond motif and to use the nutrients that would otherwise contribute to algae growth.

Since this lovely garden is on display in the front yard, the homeowners enjoy it daily before and after a long day at work.

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