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A few nights ago the temperatures dropped enough that I dug out a light down comforter and enjoyed one of the most refreshing nights of sleep I've had in weeks. Up north there have been a few frost warnings, and yesterday there was a scent on the breeze blowing off the lake that definitely said "autumn" to me.

This college town is showing some of the undeniable signs of the fall semester: Curbs in the "student" parts of town were piled high with trash and treasure after the mutually agreed upon moving day. City trucks made the rounds collecting discarded couches and mattresses. Everyounger looking undergraduates appear on the streets with wide eyes and big smiles. Football traffic makes riding my bike or walking the fast way to get around town on Saturdays.

As students are heading back to school, it's time for us to think about education, too. The onset of chilly weather and gray skies in Wisconsin means one thing to the AQUA staff: Las Vegas! The trade show season is upon us, and we're looking forward to our annual pilgrimage to Mandalay Bay where we join you, our readers, to learn about the best business practices, the newest designs and the most innovative products in the pool and spa industry this season.

This year's AQUA Show education program has me wishing I could clone myself so I could attend more that one session at a time. From technical classes on troubleshooting electrical systems on spas to the wonderful Anthony Archer-Wills at the Genesis 3 Design Pavilion, I want to sit in on nearly every class.

In fact, as I went through the listing of education offerings, I realized I'd circled more classes than I'd left unmarked. But I have a solution. Since the best part of the AQUA Show for me is meeting AQUA readers, I'd like to invite you to stop by the booth to meet the staff and to tell us about the sessions you attend. That way we won't miss a thing.

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