Exceptional customer service keeps pool and spa clients coming back

Jenna DanningerIf you Google "exceptional customer service," you'll see roughly 1.5 million hits of ideas, definitions, books, examples, quotes, etc. Experts claim that it takes x, y and z to provide the best, and they may very well be right. A successful equation requires a number of variables. But quite simply, it ultimately boils down to just how far you are truly willing to go.

Saturn (one of General Motors's most recent casualties) branded itself as "A Different Kind of Car Company." And they were. The company created a familial culture throughout its existence, giving customers much more than they expected: no-haggle pricing, free community car-care clinics and road rallies, a celebratory buying experience that included pictures with your new car and the opportunity to drive it out of the showroom, "Happy Birthday" cards each year on your purchase date, the list goes on and on. Saturn even once flew an employee out to Alaska from its stateside headquarters to fix a customer's car because he wasn't in a position to get to a dealership.

Saturn's followers, though not as many as Honda's or Chevy's, were dedicated because they were appreciated. The company not only built brand loyalty, it built a community. While Saturn will turn off its engines for good this October, it leaves behind many satisfied customers and some big shoes that need to be filled.

The point: The recession has shaken the industry and there have been some major casualties, but pool and spa customers still need you. And they need you to be there for them, no matter how business is going. Customer relationships shouldn't come with a price tag. They should come with the understanding that if it weren't for them, we wouldn't be here at all.

Genuine customer service is more than just one moment of great service. It's creating an experience and leaving lasting impressions that keep the customer not only coming back but also bringing someone with.

Jenna Danninger
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