July 2011 AQUA Choice Winner: A Princely Pool Project In Dubai By Silver Fox Pools

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0711 ChoiceThis pool looks like it might be tucked into an inlet near Marina Del Rey or perhaps south of Sarasota, but the alluring gem was created by Silver Fox Pools in Dubai.

The company has been in the pool-building business for three decades, and has a portfolio of impressive projects, so the two-way vanishing edge was well within its capabilities.

"Our client requested a minimalistic yet contemporary-looking pool that offered a calm atmosphere, as well as a one-side infinity," says builder Amirali Somji. "This was later altered to a two-side infinity."

The pool measures 32 feet by 16 feet and incorporates black iris Ezarri glass mosaics and black natural granite to give it that stately elegance.

photo of Silver Fox Pools design
Exquisite tile work marks this project from Silver Fox Pools, the company's first to win a major award

Getting such building materials within the proper size tolerances, it turns out, can be a challenge anywhere in the world.

"The granite that was supplied wasn't cut to calibration," says Somji, "and therefore required fine shaving at the site during installation. This process took us approximately two weeks."

In the end, however, water was flowing perfectly over the carefully calculated edge, and the splendid tilework was finished to the owner's exacting standards.

"The pool, together with the fact that there is absolutely no chlorine used (an ionization disinfection system does the job of sanitizing the water), is exactly what our client had in mind," Somji says.

Silver Fox Pools

Dubai, United arab Emirateswww.silverfox.netCategory: Concrete pool or pool/spa combo

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