The pool and spa industry is bound to rebound so hang in there

Scott Webb Headshot

Scott WebbIn a recent survey, economists disagreed on the exact beginning of the recovery, but they all said it would be late this year or early next.

That word recovery must stay firmly nailed to the back of our minds as we navigate this recession, for it is surely coming. Housing prices nationwide are going to start rising again, as they already are in certain pockets. People are going to refinance these newly assessed homes and with the proceeds buy pools and spas. The soaring savings rate will top out, and the spending rate will begin to rise. And the orders for goods and services, now constrained by doubt, will start flowing freely once more.

This is not fancy; it's fact. Recovery follows recession as surely as Monday morning follows Sunday night. The intellect knows these things, but the heart has to hear them from time to time.

For many of us are just hanging in there, making the decisions that get us to tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. If we make it to enough tomorrows, the decisions will get easier. They won't matter as much to as many people. They will determine whether we have a good year or a very good year, instead of whether we have to lay somebody off or not.

Those days of renewed prosperity are ahead of us. Can you feel them coming?

Yes you can. Be honest.

You can feel them because they really are there. America is about to go back to work, and I'll tell you why: It's because we like making money here more than anywhere else in the world. We always have.

Most of the people who came to the New World weren't seeking anything more than a bigger slice of the pie, and we are either one of these fortune hunters or their descendants. We've been creating wealth for centuries and after this momentary hiccup, we'll do it again.

But you know that.

This is just a sticky note on the dash.

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