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It's the busiest time of the year. You barely have time to do the work you get paid for, so why would you want to take on additional responsibilities? 'Cause it's good for you — and for all of us.

Volunteering one's time is often seen as a a selfless act or as charity. Volunteers are rewarded by knowing they have helped someone else, done good deeds, improved their neighborhood, city or country — even the world. But sometimes volunteers have ulterior motives, and that's not always a bad thing. For example, when someone's motive is to improve the business climate so that he or she can have a more successful business.

What's that saying about all ships rising when the tide comes in?

Your trade association, the APSP, is just one organization that needs you to help do work that will benefit the industry, and there are many ways to contribute your time and talents.

• Get involved with standards writing and review. Perhaps one of the most important things that can be done for our industry is to promote standardization from one jurisdiction to another. At any given time, an accepted standard may be in a review cycle, but right now the APSP is seeking input on a national water-chemistry code.

• Join a council. APSP councils support staff and share expertise in their particular industry segments with the rest of the organization. It's in these councils that grass-roots initiatives can get started.

• Talk it up. The APSP also needs experts who are comfortable representing the industry to the media. As the backyard-living trend grows, it's being covered by more — and more different kinds — of media outlets. Someone needs to talk to them, and it could be you.

These are just a few ideas for helping our industry tide to come in. Look around in your city, county or state for even more opportunities to do well by doing good.

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