(Data) Mining Our Business

Perhaps the most valuable thing a trade association can do for its members is aggregate, interpret and share information. But it certainly isn't the easiest thing they can do.

Consumer research is expensive. Collecting information from membership is troublesome because members may not want to give up what they see as proprietary information. Or they simply may not track certain data. But a study on backyard makeovers commissioned by the APSP and recently released by P.K. Data shows just how useful good industry intelligence can be.

I wonder how many AQUA readers work with or even know the landscape architects and designers in their communities. The study, which is described in "Your Hot Tub Here" on page 47, gives concrete evidence that it might be a good idea to add such landscape professionals to your Blackberry or Rolodex.

Recently, too, Carvin DiGiovanni of the APSP orchestrated an unprecedented collection of information from the industry's hot tub manufacturers. The response and the cooperation was impressive, and it allowed industry representatives to continue discussions with the California Energy Commission on energy efficiency rules that eventually will affect us all.

Kudos to the organizations that are improving our access to an accurate picture of the marketplace. And to those who take the longer view and share their information. Now it's up to you to use the information to take your businesses — and the industry — to the next level.

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