Waterfront: June 2007 - As Seen On Pool Appeal; Good Vibrations

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As Seen On Pool Appeal 

New TV program shows homeowners how to work with pool builders. 

In the past, AQUA has written a lot about pools and spas appearing on home improvement shows as part of bigger projects. But now there is a show that’s completely dedicated to the process of pool building. Pool Appeal With Dennis Loyfirst aired this spring on various cable channels in Southern California, Arizona, Texas and Florida.

"The idea of the show is to educate homeowners who can then go to pool companies and say, 'On this show, I saw this Pebble Tec interior,' or 'I saw a different way to put lighting in the pool,'" says Loy, executive producer of the show. "We're hoping to teach homeowners how to get the maximum effect for their dollars."

After building pools in Florida for five years as owner of a company called Aquaventions, Loy began working on Pool Appeal and it has taken over his professional life. Most of the pools in the initial episodes of Pool Appeal are those that Loy designed and/or built, but in future episodes the show will feature pools from other builders and many different parts of the country.

In each episode of Pool Appeal , Loy and his daughter, Lauren Loy, take viewers through the pool design and construction process, and explain how to keep the project within a specified budget. Loy tells his viewers what to expect throughout the entire project — what questions to ask before the pool is built, what new technologies, safety and entertainment items are available, and what to look out for during construction. Pool Appeal also provides an opportunity for industry suppliers to showcase their products. "During the show when the interior finish is being done we might have, for example, a representative from Pebble Tec talking about their product and how it has a lifetime warranty and how you can get different colors," says Loy. Many companies big and small have showed an interest in getting their wares on the show. Says Loy, "It's a way for a small company with a small advertising budget to be exposed as though they have a huge advertising budget."

Viewers can also learn about the products featured on the show by visiting the program's Web site, poolappeal.tv.

Good Vibrations

Beach Boy cites hot tub as one of his favorite things.

Beach Boy Mike Love, who lives in an 18,000-square-foot, six-bedroom house on Lake Tahoe with his wife and two children, cited his hot tub as the one thing he couldn't live without when asked by the Chicago Tribune in March.

"I have a magnificent hot tub," Love said. "We drain the pool in winter because it gets so cold it'll freeze. But the hot tub is another story. Those jets work on my stiff back, which gets that way sitting on a plane a lot."

He also called an indoor waterfall and koi pond in the entryway of his home the most luxurious feature the house had to offer — a house with two elevators, a music studio and a home theater, mind you. The '60s were definitely good to him.

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