Waterfront: August 2007 - The Lap of Luxury; McCarren Park Pool Update

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The Lap of Luxury

As more lavish high-rise condos pop up in urban locales, having a recreational poolside oasis with a one-of-a-kind view can be the key to attracting buyers.

Picture this. The vantage point from the L-shaped outdoor pool sited eight stories in the air at the Glass House is simply breathtaking: downtown Denver skyline on one side and snow-capped mountains on the other. The 75-foot-long pool topping a base building, which connects the twin glass-andsteel towers, serves as a luxurious escape to residents, not to mention a trendy gathering place.

"Our residents are super cool, making for a great pool crowd," said Caroline Ellett, director of marketing for East West Partners, the developer for Riverfront Park. This outdoor sanctuary also has an amenity deck complete with a firepit to warm up by during those cold Colorado nights, Ellett adds.

Whether they're sunning or socializing, these residents are sure to get an eyeful.

McCarren Park Pool Update

In Waterfront last October, AQUA told you about the McCarren Park Pool in Brooklyn, N.Y., one of 11 public pools in New York City financed by the Depression-era Works Progress Administration. In recent years it served as a venue for concerts and film screenings, but it will soon serve bathers again, and north Brooklyn residents couldn't be happier. As part of Mayor Bloomberg's PlaNYC initiative, more than $50 million has been allocated to rebuild the pool, though construction will not start until 2010.

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