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It's not much of an exaggeration to say that you're holding the whole pool and spa world in your hands. At 500 pages, the 2006 AQUA Buyers' Guide is nearly 40 pages bigger than any preceding edition. While bigger is not always better (at 5 feet 3, I love that saying), in this case the Buyers' Guide is both bigger and better.

It may be a sign that the industry is growing — there are simply more pool and spa companies to include in the guide. It may be also be a sign that the industry is expanding: More retailers want to offer their customers complete homeresort packages, so they are interested in product categories like casual furniture, saunas, pond/water garden and billiards.

For whatever reason, AQUA's Buyers' Guide is one of the most useful publications on your desk. But don't forget its online counterpart. At you'll find everything that's in this book in a searchable database format. And the online version of the guide is continually updated throughout the year. (To let us know of changes, please fax 608/249-1153 or e-mail updated information to buyersguide@ You can search the database by a keyword that may appear in the company name, brand name or product category. You can also browse the database by product category.

So whether you point and click, or page through the book the good old-fashioned way, with the AQUA Buyers' Guide you have the pool and spa world at your fingertips.

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