Infinite Family Fun

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Built to take advantage of the grade differential in this backyard, the vanishing-edge pool and 360-degree infinite-edge spa certainly allow the homeowners to enjoy views of the Costa Mesa Country Club golf course.

"The raised walls of the pool work out great, too, because they provide a lot of seating," says builder Randy Beard, owner of Pure Water Pools in Costa Mesa, Calif.

In addition, rolled slate cut into rectangles and placed in a vertical pattern covers the outside of the spa and the 5foot-high water feature. The slate is also used at the waterline in the pool, but there it's cut into 6-by-6-inch squares. "The plaster is a 3M Colorquartz light adobe beige, and that material really gives us the ability to mix and match and come up with dynamic colors in a swimming pool," says Beard. "In fact, we've just completed a pool with plum purple 3M Colorquartz and it turns the water into the color of the ocean off of Fiji. The water color is just incredible."

The grass around the pool, dotted with a meandering stone path, is there to soften the space. "Pools become very hard surfaces," says Beard. "So when we plant grass up to them, it's just a very natural, soft edge. It's a design that's being utilized more as we get these elaborate outside environments, and it's pretty cool."

The pool also has an automatic cover with a walk-on lid since four children use this pool year-round. In fact, the pool area is really an extension of an entertaining space in the home. On the same level as the pool, there's a family room with a large bar, all kinds of games and even a popcorn machine. When the wide doors to the family room are open, says Beard, you can smell the popcorn sitting poolside.

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