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Clean, uncluttered design — a major tenet of the increasingly popular feng shui school of design — continues to make headway in the pool and spa industry.

For this project, Kevin Rondeau, director of sales and marketing at Rondo Pools in Phoenix, says the homeowner wanted "the whole project to look like a piece of art," and so the builder proposed a geometric, contemporary design, which Rondeau says has become more popular in recent years. This look features sleek, serene and ordered layouts filled with straight lines, and little or no ornamentation since the materials used to create the space are give it its character. This project in Scottsdale, Ariz., illustrates this look well.

For example, straight lines grace every aspect of the project, from the square-cut flagstone deck to the diagonal tile on the face of the spa, which was used to highlight the spa's almost full-perimeter zero-edge spillway.

Multiple, diffused returns in the spa keep the surface of the water looking like glass, which is what the project's barely visible fence is made of.

The one piece of ornamentation the homeowner had to include is the copper statue of a bald eagle, which, thanks to the uncluttered space around it, dramatically tops this water-and-stone sculpture that also happens to be a spa.

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