What Would You Do: Taking Time Off

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For the single-polers in the service sector, taking time off is difficult. But time off — whether for life's big moments or a sick day — is often unavoidable, and pros should have a plan in place. How do you take days off? Industry pros share their insights.



 "What does a single-poler do when he gets hurt?"

—Jeffrey Murphy, Murphy's Pool Services | Fort Myers Beach, Fla.




Joe Wilmot

"The Pool Trader app can also help with route coverage! It's not JUST about buying and selling. It's about networking. You can post an ad simply stating you're looking for other pros to help one another have sick, injury or vacation coverage. Pool Trader helps anyone in the industry make contact with fellow pros for any kind of business-related help. Buy, sell, trade and network."



Kevin Knight
Placer Pool Care | Roseville, Calif.

"I'm a single-poler. I joined IPSSA — they have a sick policy. If I'm injured, hurt or sick, they cover the routes for me while I'm out. I have not had to use it yet, but I have covered a few pools for a fellow member when he went out."



Craig Wilson
Pyramid Pool and Spa Service | Ventura, Calif.

"I've been an IPSSA member for 27 years. I've covered for many members over that time. Last summer, I was hurt and needed coverage for the first time. They covered my route for six months. Once everyone got used to the pools they were assigned, there was very little needed from my end. It gave me time to heal. They saved my business. I am a proud IPSSA member."



Spencer Burr
Tejas Hills Pool and Spa | Austin, Texas

"In my experience, to most customers the cleanliness of the pool at any given moment is secondary to good communication and customer service. Keep your customers in the loop and even if you're out of action for a whole week, they'll stick with you."



Mike Schenk
Cannonball Pool Services | Pineville, N.C.

"Save every penny if you don't have a backup plan. Employees are a backup plan. They work, you keep collecting. If you are not doing good financial planning, a single-poler is planning financial suicide. You should be saving/investing 10k a year or more. If not, fix it now."


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