What Would You Do: Toolboxes and Bags

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A toolbox plays a large role in a service technician's day. Without the right tools in a toolbox by their side, techs might be running back and forth between their truck, which wastes time and money on their daily routes. What can fit everything they need? Industry pros share their go-to tool boxes and bags.


The Question:

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Daniel Cohen
Jo-Co Pools | Anna, Ill.

"Poor girl is beat up. I need something new. What do your closing boxes or tool bags look like?"


 The Answers:


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K.J. Greer
Splash Pool Services | Beaverdam, Va.

"A bucket with a screw-on top is the best toolbox. The only one I have found that doesn't leak."



Hayden McLellan

"I keep plugs, Teflon and gizmos in my truck and just have my drill and other odd tools in a small bag. No need to carry all that stuff with you at all times — unless you have to park your vehicle a ways away."



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Michael Rodarte
Empire Pool Company | Scottsdale, Ariz.

"The Veto Pro Pac tool backpack — this bag is WAY better than a big bag slung over my shoulder. I couldn't be more happy with it."



*Kobalt 364-Piece Household Tool Set with Soft Case*Kobalt 364-Piece Household Tool Set with Soft Case

"This bag* — which is more for general maintenance — comes with a lifetime warranty. I am on my third bag in five years."



Ovv 521 Aq Andrew Werth Sm

Andrew Werth
Werth Water Works LLC | Johnson County, Kansas

"Cyclone and cord with a short hose in the bottom box. Plugs, tape, bits for cover anchors and a drill in the middle. The top holds antifreeze, tarp rod, a mixing bucket, shock and algaecide. This is a one trip wonder."


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