Why a Pool Vacuum System is a Must Have

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To this day I still get approached at distribution and asked, “What is that thing hanging off the back of your truck?” They are talking about the vacuum system I use for pool cleaning every day.

After I explain the benefits to the inquirer, they’ll often say, “That’s simply too expensive.”

My answer to that is a resounding, “Welcome to TODAY.” Sure, it’s a large upfront cost, but if that’s what’s holding you back, you’re definitely only seeing the glass half empty.

Once the conversation is done, I’m often left pondering how a service company can compete without this tool. Keep reading and I’ll explain why I use one and why you should, too!


Profitability in service comes down to speed, and these systems boost your cleaning speed so you can clean more pools in the same amount of time. I often tell people I can easily clean five more pools per day simply because I have this system. That means an extra 25 pools per week.

It also saves you trips back and forth to the truck. As I’ve said before, service speed depends in part on minimizing the steps between the pool and truck at each stop. Stop wasting time! Load everything up on the cart and make one round-trip per pool.

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And you don’t have to prime the hose with these systems like you do with a manual vacuum. The setup time is virtually nothing and oftentimes, the vacuum track is much larger! This means you push the vacuum back and forth less times than you do with the manual counterpart.

If you don’t utilize one of these systems, you’re missing the boat. In fact, if you do utilize one of these, you can probably buy a boat with all of the extra money you’re making! Seriously.


We’ve all been there. We’re on the 15th pool of the day and we are tired of hauling chemicals and everything else from the truck. In addition to the weight, pool 15 is so far away from your truck you need a break once you get to the pool deck. Use a vacuum cart system and you will never have you go through that again. Remember: It’s on wheels. This means you get to load up your cart with everything you need, including chemicals, and wheel it back to the pool.

Save yourself the burden of hauling that freight at every stop throughout the day and you will not feel so beat down at the end of it. This means when you get home, you’ll feel like playing with the kids or going out for a night on the town with your husband or wife. To think it was all because you used a cart system versus lugging everything back manually. Sounds like a win to me!


Yep, you read that right. But how is that possible?

It’s because you are not vacuuming all of the dirt and fine debris into the pool filter. These vacuum systems collect pool debris in their own filter bag, so you are no longer sending it to the pool filter and clogging it. As a selling point, you can tell your clients you don’t just keep the pool clear, you also prolong the life of their filter. And you save time because you don’t have to clean their filter as frequently as you would with a manual vacuum. It’s a win-win.


In today’s service industry, competition gets a little stronger every year. It’s very important to arrive to your job sites looking professional with professional-looking equipment. If you called a lawn service to give you an estimate, would you feel confident if they showed up with the old-school reel lawn mower in the back of their truck? No, you wouldn’t. You’d rather see them show up with a top-of-the-line zero-turn mower. As soon as you see that, you know they mean business.

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Our business is the same. You need to look professional, and your equipment needs to reflect that. Having a vacuum system on the back of your truck helps close the deal when you go to an estimate.

Having said all that, keep in mind that portable vacuum systems do not replace manual vacuums completely. Manual vacuums are still needed in certain situations, but for the most part, the portable pool vacuum system is the way to go. There are several companies that manufacture these systems. Do some research and see what system is best for you! I can assure you a portable vacuum system will not only help you make more money, it’ll also help you feel a lot better at the end of the workday. Good luck!

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