What Would You Do? Moonlighting

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Moonlighting: For employees, it may be considered a harmless way to make a few extra bucks on the side. For those who own service companies, it may be completely off-limits. What’s your policy on moonlighting? Industry pros share their thoughts.

The Question:

Jason Hanchey
Aquia Pool and Spa | San Antonio, Texas

“Moonlighting: Is it an instant fireable offense? Or do you allow it?”


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Danny Ulfers
Tropical Pool Services and Renovations | Mandeville, La.

“Depends on company, but this should be addressed when you hire. We clearly state it is a fireable offense. Don’t mince words.”

TJ Palmer
TJ The Pool Guy | Aston, Penn.

“My opinion: You can’t stop it. Tell me the name of a plumber or an electrician who doesn’t do side jobs. As long as they are not stealing customers or product, I’m ok with it. I would rather people be honest.

And give them an employee discount. That helps with the stealing of product.

We all know good employees are hard to find. If it is not hurting your business, what’s the problem?”

Josh Berson
Mystic Pools | Old Bridge, N.J.

“What’s in your employment agreement? In this business the agreement should absolutely include repercussions for moonlighting employees. IMO, unless it’s for friends/family, it’s termination for the employee. If it’s friends/family I’d like them to approach me to discuss how they can handle it appropriately (on their own time/with their own chems or pay costs, etc.).”

David Nelson

“Non-competes are worthless unless you have the time to go after them and also are willing to spend money. How can you fault someone for starting a business exactly like you did? Our employee of five to six years went out on his own; we supported him the whole way and has since referred probably a dozen pools back to us, many of which are on regular service. Not to mention probably thousands in service calls.”

Darrel Barnett
Pineapple Pool Service | Aliso Viejo, Calif.

“Thank you everybody for once again reminding me to keep it simple: no employees

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