Celebrity's Near Tragedy Sparks Drain Cover Awareness

Scott Webb Headshot

Earlier this week, the son of R&B singer Usher nearly died in a swimming pool. According to reports, the 5 year old's hand was caught in a drain after trying to recover a toy. 

While the child is now safe and sound, the incident has renewed industry focus on the importance of pool drain safety as codified in VGB and ANSI/APSP-7. 

As most industry professionals know, most of the legal responsibilities of VGB apply to commercial pools. Residential pool building codes across the nation have since been changed to ensure drain safety, but residential pools built before VGB and the ANSI/APSP-7 standard were enacted have not been affected.

Nevertheless, in the interests of safety, all pools should meet the requirements of ANSI/APSP-7, even those not legally bound to do so. Industry professionals serve both their customers’ interests and their own by making that case whenever the opportunity arises, as it has this week.

In an industry letter, Carvin DiGiovanni, Senior Director, Technical & Standards, APSP added the following sensible safety tips which should be passed on to customers:

Never enter a pool or spa that has a loose, broken, or missing suction fitting or drain cover.

Immediately notify the pool or spa owner/operator if you find a loose, broken or missing drain cover.

Never play or swim near drains or suction fittings.

Contact an APSP pool and spa professional to repair and bring the pool or spa into compliance with the ANSI/APSP-7 Standard.

More information on drain safety is available to both customers and industry professionals at APSP.org

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