Spotlight: Willan Johnson, CEO VivoPools

Willan Johnson CEO of VivoPools

Spotlight is a monthly feature in AQUA magazine that takes a brief look at an innovative product, project or whatever catches our eye. This month, we meet the CEO of VivoPools.

"Vivo" means "alive" or "intense," and since its launch in 2009, VivoPools, a service, repair and renovation company with locations in California, Nevada, Arizona and Florida, has been both. Under Johnson’s guidance, VivoPools has become one of the fastest-growing swimming pool companies in North America. Currently, VivoPools services many leading celebrities’ pools and commercial properties like the W Hotels and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (Emmys).

Johnson left a high profile job at Yahoo! to pursue a career in pool care management, where he saw an opportunity to provide a more customer-centered approach. Johnson himself was not satisfied with the way his own pool was being taken care of, and decided to improve upon that service at the helm of his own company, aided in part by what he had learned at the Internet giant.

“My experiences at Yahoo! were instrumental in my professional development. Yahoo! excelled at creating a unified corporate culture, and every initiative had a tremendous focus on consumer needs,” he says.

This strategy has worked well in Johnson’s new career, which he describes as “incredibly rewarding. No other industry can impact so many homeowners and commercial properties in such a positive way. My childhood memories around the pool are wonderful. I clearly remember my grandfather placing me on his shoulders as he walked to the deep end of the pool. It is those memories that inspire me to provide that same level of excitement and fun to clients around the country.”

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