3 Tips for Marketing Your Business During Drought Conditions

Any pool service professional knows that a swimming pool can be a heavy water-waster if it is not properly maintained and monitored year-round. Failing to prepare a swimming pool for an impending drought can have damaging effects to the pool’s structural integrity, a community’s water resources and your customers’ budget. As a pool service professional in central Texas, I’ve seen my fair share (and surely not my last) of severe drought conditions. All too often, pool owners make the mistake of reacting to pool problems during a drought rather than preparing beforehand. Implementing these three simple and invaluable tips will make certain you maintain a long list of loyal customers. 

1. Be a Marketing Genius with Drought Solutions  

Make sure your customer is educated on the threatening effects a drought can have on their pool. 

  • Offer a complimentary maintenance inspection where you check for visible damage to the pool and equipment. Look for signs of standing water, moisture buildup or drips coming from the filter, pumps and hoses, which could indicate a leak. Areas of landscaping that appear to be especially green can also indicate leaks. If you see any red flags, offer them your services as a solution.
  • Bundle your services into an easy to purchase seasonal package. People maintain their cars by winterizing for cold weather, and you can encourage customers to take the same approach with their pools by offering "summerizing" pool service packages. You can even put together a “Drought Prep Kit” to market and sell.
  • Finally make sure these offers are highly visible in your store, on your website, in email and on your social media pages.     

2. Be An Expert in Water Resources 

Do your part to save community water resource. Train and deploy a team of service techs into the community to educate consumers about local and regional water restrictions and ways they can help maintain resources. Partnering with other local business owners interested in green initiatives can set your business apart from the mainstream and create a buzz. Start with these ideas and create more of your own, unique to your community. And be sure to keep these tips in mind: 

  • Fountain features, waterfalls, spillways, and negative-edge water features can contribute greatly to water loss and consumption. It’s best to turn these features off when unnecessary, especially in times of drought.
  • Make sure each household monitors their water bill. Any unusual spikes in the customer's water bill could indicate a leak in their pool’s equipment or structure. It’s usually a good place to start before the drought season gets underway.
  • Be aware of local restrictions. Set out and discover your community’s restrictions (and allowances) during times of drought. Every community is different and may have specific requirements regarding watering schedules and pool filling restrictions. Stay abreast of these requirements and keep your customers informed. Not only will it save you and the community water and money, but in addition, your customers won’t be slapped with a citation for not playing nice.

3. Be a One-Stop Drought Recovery Shop

Give your customers everything they are looking for during a drought — and even things they didn’t know they were looking for. Keep the lifespan of their pool longer by suggesting best practice maintenance and technology upgrades as needed. 

  • Remain well stocked with products such as pool covers, filters, pumps and hoses. Make sure you're well-versed in your selection in terms of product features and functionality before trying to make a sale. Remember your customer comes to you for guidance when it comes to their pool and the products they put in it.  
  • Suggest technology upgrades as they become available if it is the right thing for your customer. For instance, if they decide they need a pool cover to reduce evaporation during a drought, be the first to offer a new chemical option. Another great suggestion: switching from a sand or diatomaceous earth filter to an alternative filtration system can ease up the water consumption, like a cartridge filter. Providing alternatives and new strategies keeps your customers loyal. 

Once you have implemented these tips, be prepared for the high demand you created for yourself. Continue to offer informative maintenance tips and preventative services that will keep your loyal customers happy and ensure your business is easy to locate when a customer needs guidance and diagnostic pool services.    

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