YouTube Case Study: How To Open An Inground Pool

Over this past weekend, I decided to put together an informative video using some of the tips I mentioned in my blog post. I scheduled a day, wrote a script, and spent an entire Saturday filming. 

The video I decided to make was a how-to video that felt more like a TV show. My goal was to create a very entertaining video that felt like a normal day opening up a friend’s pool - which is exactly what I did. 

I was able to make this video on a shoestring budget. I borrowed the camera and wireless microphone from a friend, asked if I could open up another friend’s pool for free, got permission from the local pool store to film inside, and wrote the script. It took me two days to set up and cost me a few dollars to make. 

Full disclosure: I used advanced editing and visual effect software to put it together, but you can use basic video editing software that comes with most new computers.

Let me know what you think of the video. Does it grab people’s attention? Does it keep you entertained? Is it a creative how-to video?

I suggest all of you try putting a video together for your customers this season.

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