Product Focus: The Tools of Service

Pool and spa maintenance professionals from California and all across the nation will be gathering in Long Beach in the Ides of March to hoist and handle the latest and most impressive new products in the pool and spa service business. We offer a quick preview of some of those products in the following pages. Take a look!

Periodic ProductsPeriodic 587-1213

CuLator metal eliminator and stain preventer rapidly removes copper, manganese and iron from pool and spa water. CuLator is non-toxic, works in fresh water and saltwater and does not interact with any other pool chemicals or add phosphates, according to Periodic Products. Simply place a pre-measured flow-through PowerPak in the skimmer. As water passes over, metals are trapped inside. After use, toss the biodegradable PowerPak and metals away.

G&P ToolsG&P 431-6998

Eliminate water leaks at the pool light with Cord Stopper. Molded rubber stoppers fit snugly around cords to seal the light niche without using messy silicone or putty. This product can be used in new installations or old, according to G&P Tools. Retrofit Cord Stopper is split to make below waterline repair on a leaking light easy, the company adds.

Filter FlosserFilter 840-9020

The Filter Flosser is the best cartridge filter-cleaning tool on the market today, according to its manufacturer. This durable, ergonomically designed tool saves you 50 percent of your labor and water and is made of 100 percent aluminum, so it will not break, according to Filter Flosser.

National Swimming Pool FoundationNational Swimming Pool 540-9119

The National Swimming Pool Foundation introduces the new Pool Service Manager app for the iPhone or iPad. With this new app, service professionals can schedule and record services, repairs and chemical test results, share work history and billing information with their main office, schedule recurring visits and perform many more functions. Pool Service Manager app purchasers also receive “NSPF Digital News,” keeping them informed on the latest solutions. 932-5943

BioGuard introduces the Smart PAK, one convenient PAK that includes all components of the BioGuard three-step Care System. This unit comes in two sizes and two feed options, skimmer and feeder/floater. Each PAK contains a one-month supply of either Silk Smart Sticks or Silk Sticks, Smart Shock and Smart Algicide. Easy-to-read dosage charts assure busy pool owners they have the key products they need on one simple kit, says BioGuard.

Taylor TechnologiesTaylor 472-4340

Taylor Technologies’ electronic Watergram Water Balance Calculator makes it easy to determine the saturation index of water. The device is about the size of a credit card and is solar-powered. It is programmed to take into account the effect cyanuric acid has on total alkalinity, the impact of the TDS level, and it offers temperature choices in degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius, according to Taylor Technologies.

Duckback ProductsDuckback 825-5382

Wood decks can become extremely cracked and damaged over time, but Superdeck Deck & Dock Elastomeric Coating can save and protect old wood surfaces by filling in cracks, according to Duckback Products. Deck & Dock is the perfect choice to refinish old and damaged wood and concrete surfaces instead of replacing them, the company says.

Coral Seas/Yellow outCoral Seas/Yellow 692-2222

Coral Seas, the manufacturer of Yellow Out and Green to Clean, introduces the eight-ounce maintenance packs. Using only one bag with weekly shock treatments, you will see a great improvement in the pool’s clarity as it works in conjunction with chlorine to help remove impurities form the pool water, the company says.

Permanon USAPermanon 655-8941

Permanon is a line of water based, nontoxic surface protection products sold only in concentrate. When mixed with water, Pool & Spa Supershine allows for rapid application of a transparent, durable, UV resistant coating, the company says. It’s safe for indoor and outdoor surfaces and once applied the surface will hold a brilliant shine and be extremely water repellent and resistant to heavy soiling, Permanon adds.

LaMotte CompanyLaMotte 344-3100

LaMotte Company announces the new one-dip Insta-TEST Plus test strip line. The new formula designed for stable color development allows adequate time for the user to match very distinct colors, the company says. The test strips offer users accurate, instant results by preventing cross-contamination between pads, and are simple to use, LaMotte adds.

Valterra ProductsValterra 806-6159

Valterra Products introduces the Small Sand Filter & Pump Combo from Blue Devil. This 12-inch sand filter with a 0.35 hp pump is designed for quick assembly and precise alignment of components with a four-position valve, including backwash, rinse, filter and winter settings, according to Valterra.

Sunsolar Energy TechnologiesSunsolar Energy 357-6527

Sunsolar Energy introduces the Automatic Maintenance Dosing System, an inexpensive, simple and accurate method of adding LiquidHeat-Liquid Solar Blanket to any pool, ensuring maximum energy savings, the company says. Significant savings can be had from reduction in pool heating costs, dehumidification needs and indoor air temperatures for indoor pools, Sunsolar adds.

Poolsmith TechnologiesPoolsmith 570-5716

Poolsmith’s Organic pH can help you stop throwing money away on the rising cost of acid, the company says. Organic pH is a residential CO2 system for naturally balancing swimming pool pH. It eliminates the use of acid in managing pH and instead utilizes all-natural, safe carbonic acid, Poolsmith says. 278-2243

FastChek Pro Professional Prescription System is a complete in-store test system that includes an advanced test strip reader and customizable software for any brand of chemical, the company says. FastChek Pro is easy to use, tests for 12 different chemistries and provides a custom prescription printout for your customer in less than two minutes.

Industrial Test SystemsIndustrial Test 329-9712

Industrial Test Systems introduces the new PoolCheck-i, a faster and more convenient way for poolside or pool store testing, the company says. PoolCheck-i features accurate scanning or either PoolCheck-i Pro 3 or PoolCheck-i Pro 6 test strips. This new system uses the same test strip scanning technology universally used by doctors for fast diagnostic urine analysis known as POCT (point of care testing).

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