Profile of pool and spa service products

Xxx 310 AqA pool service technician's main tools are simple ones: poles, brushes and bottles of chemicals. These indispensible implements are found in any truck and are used so often they barely have a chance to get dry. Dig a little deeper into the back of a well-equipped service truck, though, and you'll find a small warehouse of items meant to clean the toughest stains, diagnose the most mysterious messes and more. Not all of them get used weekly, and some are almost never called upon. But a savvy service pro knows there'll come a day when even the most-neglected implement will get him or her out of a jam.

Here's a sampling of select service products from industry manufacturers. Some are new, some have been around a while, but all are designed to make route service simpler.

Iii 310 AqHayward Pool Products
(908) 351-5400 |
Hayward says its Sense and Dispense Total Pool Chemistry dramatically reduces maintenance time, costs and water chemistry-related issues. Available on Pro Logic, Aqua Plus and Aqua Rite Pro, it automatically senses chlorine and pH levels, dispenses fresh chlorine and controls pH.

Bbb 310 AqLaMotte Co.
(800) 344-3100 |
The ColorQ PRO 7-PLUS photometer, from LaMotte, measures free chlorine (DPD), total chlorine (DPD), bromine (DPD), pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness and cyanuric acid.

Fff 310 AqGreat American Merchandise & Events
(800) 382-5988 |
GAME's Brush Booster is designed for pool brushing. Its triangular shape adds extra downward force and makes the brush cling securely to the wall, the company says. Brush Booster snaps on to any pole brush and does not require batteries or electrical power.

Hhh 310 AqHaviland Consumer Products
(800) 333-0400 |
ProTeam Metal Magic effectively removes metals from pool water, and unsightly metal stains and scale from pool surfaces. This powerful troubleshooter is highly concentrated yet safe on all surfaces and equipment.

Www 310 AqA & B Brush Mfg. Corp.
(626) 303-8856 |
A&B Brush Mfg. Corp. says it manufactures the world's most complete line of swimming pool and spa brushes. The company also offers non-woven pad and pad applicators for cleaning vinyl-liner pools and glazed tile. All products are made in the United States.

Eee 310 AqBioGuard Pool and Spa Products
(800) 859-7946 |
BioGuard says EcoKlean, made from 100 percent biodegradable cellulose fiber, is a new, environmentally friendly and effective alternative to diatomaceous earth (DE). It increases filtration run cycles by up to 70 percent compared to DE. Three pounds of EcoKlean is equal to replace 25 pounds of DE, creating a smaller footprint. EcoKlean can be fed directly through the skimmer and is backwash friendly, BioGuard says.

1209 Pg Mktg World Pool Prod 0310Permanon Systems
(802) 655-8941 |
Permanon Pool & Spa Supershine offers high-tech surface protection for all indoor and outdoor surfaces. Permanon uses nanocoating technology to guarantee a long-lasting, durable shine that makes applications and repeat cleaning easy, the company says. The UV-resistant, water-repellent product is gentle on finishes, results in significantly less dirt and grime accumulation, and is resistant to most acids, alkaline solutions and solvents, according to Permanon.

Ddd 909 Aq 0310Jedco Products
(866) 234-0104 |
Jedco Products offers the PC Pool Pal Professional software. The interactive software covers all aspects of pool care, including operating manuals, parts schematics for major manutfacturers, safety information, consumer pamphlets and industry Web links. It also allows you to maintain your customers' pool profile database.

Ook 409 Aq 0310AquaChek Pool and Spa Test Strips/Hach Company
(888) 278-2243 |
The FastChek Pro Professional Pool System is a complete in-store test system designed for pool and spa retailers looking to service customers quickly and at a reasonable cost. The system offers customizable features and comes with a set of test strips, reference card, window cling and user's guide.

Ccc 310 Aq Skimmer Ranger
(732) 918-8096 |
Skimmer Ranger is a tool that allows you to stop bending over, sticking your finger through the skimmer plate hole and reaching into a filthy skimmer basket. Simply insert the hook end through the hole to catch the underside of the skimmer basket and remove. Reinsert the hook end under the center of the skimmer basket handle and pull it up and out. Then empty the basket and repeat steps for reinsertion of basket and plate.

Jjj 310 AqTara Manufacturing
(256) 725-2500 |
Tara says its Stain Barrier is an exciting new product for the vinyl-liner pool market. When applied prior to installing a pool liner, it offers guaranteed protection against liner staining from in-ground contaminants, the company says.

Ddd 310 AqCarefree Clearwater, Ltd.
(800) 364-5710 |
Carefree Clearwater manufactures electronic water-purification systems. As an alternative to chemicals, the mineral ions automatically control algae, bacteria and maintain a stable sanitizer residual while also increasing profits and customer satisfaction, the company claims.

Mmm 310 AqASSET - The Circulator
(888) 728-3360 |
The Circulator is a controlled, 360-degree rotating water jet that's designed to increase pool circulation up to 1,500 percent, saving greatly on maintenance time and chemical costs. It easily fits into virtually all pool wall returns.

Ggg 310 AqCrystal Clear Pool & Spa
(800) 263-8250 |
The Eclipse3 Power Pak is a complete maintenance kit for pools. It contains an algaecide, non-chlorine shock and a scale and stain preventer. Users simply follow the instructions listed for a crystal-clear pool, the company says.

Vvv 1009 Aq 0310Industrial Test Systems
(800) 861-9712 |
Pool Check Phosphate test strips, from Industrial Test Systems, are a quick, easy and reliable method for testing phosphate levels in pools and spas, says the company. The test strips are sold in a bottle with 50 strips with detection levels of 0, 200, 400, 600, 1,000 and 2,500 ppb. Reliable results are available in 30 seconds, Industrial Test Systems says.

Ooi 110 Aq 0310Jack's Magic
(800) 348-1656 |
Jack's Magic now offers a line of photometric water testing units. Depending on the model, up to nine tests can be performed. Key features include: LCD display, 1,000-test-result memory storage, industry standard DPD chlorine testing method and no EDTA-based reagents. All models run on batteries and/or AC power.

Kkk 310 AqPentair Water Pool and Spa
(800) 831-7133 |
Pentair's new SVRS Test Mat Kit allows users to determine quickly if a pool's vacuum-release system is functioning properly. The kit includes two robust, chemical-resistant test mats, which connect to pool poles. Place them over the drains to simulate entrapment, and see if the SVRS engages. Complete instructions are printed on the mats. Pentair urges you to remember the proper installation of a pump-based SVRS requires an ASME/ANSI A112.19.9 - 2007, suction outlet fitting and cover.

Lll 310 AqSAU-SEA Swimming Pool Paints
(800) 472-8732 |
SAU-SEA urges pool technicians and renovators not to believe what they may have heard about rubber-based pool paints being outlawed. They're perfectly legal and safe, according to the company. The paints are designed for gunite/plaster pools and fiberglass pools and several types are avaitlable: ECO-CHOICE Premium Rubber Pool Paint, Epoxy, and Vinyl Pool Paint.

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