2024 AQUA 100 Winner: JAS Aquatics

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All photos courtesy Jesse Schreier

Jas1What started as an owner-operated company with three employees working out of a house has now grown to a team of 20 employees, and the purchase of a new building big enough for a retail store, sales store, and warehouse — all in just eight years. “That’s our biggest success story to date,” says Jesse Schreier, owner of JAS Aquatics, and one of the masterminds behind that exponential growth.

As JAS Aquatics has grown, the company has expanded its product offerings. In the beginning, Schreier and his team crafted inground swimming pools and water features. But now, as they are able to onboard new talent, they can provide even more — enough to build a customer’s entire backyard paradise with the addition of barbecue islands, pavilions, landscaping, sprinkler systems, etc. “We like to say we are a one-stop shop. We listen to our customers’ needs and desires, and bring their whole backyard to life,” says Schreier. “We aren’t afraid to push boundaries and explore new avenues.”

Coming from a background rooted in design and construction, inspired by my mother’s remarkable journey as a successful designer, I’ve always aimed to uphold the highest standards of quality, creativity, and integrity in our projects.” —Jesse Schreier, Owner

A lot of JAS Aquatic’s growth can be attributed to an excellent customer service department. The company prides itself on availability, which means being on call to answer any questions or concerns a customer might have. “It’s also about education,” says Schreier. “We help customers make informed decisions on their projects, and our store directly reflects that.” The company’s showroom design is a unique one. On the right side, homeowners can purchase chemicals, floats, toys, and more basic needs for their pool and/or spa. On the left side, JAS Aquatics has its “Selling the Dream” area.

“This is where we have meetings with our customers and bring their backyards to life with 3D designs,” explains Schreier. “We have samples of all different types of pavers, lighting, turf, sound systems, barbecue — we can even show them what type of steel will be used in their pool. Customers can pick from liner samples, and review a photo gallery of previously built pools. The bottom line: Our goal is to make it nice and easy for the homeowner to design their backyard; we set them and ourselves up for success.”

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JAS Aquatics also works to support customers after the sale with in-house weekly maintenance, and pool opening/closing offerings for all. “There is no more wondering who will take care of the pool after their project is done,” says Schreier. “We also provide water testing for customers who take care of their own pool, and encourage them to learn the correct way to balance pool water through hands-on demonstrations.”

As for the company’s online presence, its social channels, such as Instagram and Facebook, display outstanding projects. Customers can buy products through the JAS Aquatics website, and have it shipped directly to their house. And the company has recently started producing video content of completed jobs “to educate future customers on what products we use and how we install them,” says Schreier. “But the videos are also very informative for other contractors, and teach, for example, how to successfully prepare and install a fiberglass pool, or how to tie rebar and prepare for their concrete pour. We hope to develop a library of content.”

In the next five years, JAS Aquatics has a goal to build up its pool/mason crews and open a new store location with each passing year. “And we will continue enjoying what we do,” says Schreier. “We are very lucky to have customers that become a part of our family. And we, as employees, are a close-knit family, united by a shared passion for our craft and a drive to succeed.”

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