Night Swim: A New Backyard Pool Horror Film

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Night Swim
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Released to theatres by Universal Pictures in the United States on January 5, 2024, “Night Swim” — a supernatural horror film — started the 2024 New Year off with a terrifying splash!

This movie was adapted from a 2014 short film with the same name by Rod Blackhurst and Bryce McGuire; McGuire then went on to write and direct this feature-length version of the story.

Starring Wyatt Russell (as father Ray), Kerry Condon (as mother Eve), Amélie Hoeferle (as teenage daughter Izzy) and Gavin Warren (as young son Elliot), “Night Swim” follows the story of the Waller family moving to a new home with a beautiful backyard swimming pool; however, the more they swim in the pool, the more chilling the film becomes.

The father was forced to forgo his Major League Baseball career due to a degenerative illness, so he uses the pool for physical therapy purposes, in hopes of maybe one day being fit enough to get back into baseball. But as therapy goes on, his wife and kids start to notice him changing supernaturally instead of physically.

Both the Waller children experience pool hauntings of their own; the boy grabs hair from the drain instead of his toy, only to end up being grabbed himself, and the daughter plays Marco Polo with a supernatural creature instead of her boyfriend (red flag for sure). In the end, the mother tries to save her family from the pool by diving in deep; however, she may not be able to find the surface and save herself from the hauntings below.

Instead of watching a romantic comedy this Valentine’s Day with your significant other, switch things up by watching this supernatural horror film related to the pool and spa industry. But beware, after watching this movie, you might be too scared to return to work for at least a couple of days…

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