Managing Your Pool is a Breeze With Connected Products


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Smart home devices have been around for quite some time but connected product options may be even more beneficial than you imagined when it comes to operating and maintaining your pool. From monitoring water chemistry to spot cleaning your spa, leveraging connected products and pool automation solutions make operating and maintaining your pool a breeze. 

Connectivity gives you the ability to monitor and control select products in your pool, giving you total control over your pool ownership experience. Traditional interfaces include pool/spa side remotes and indoor control panels, but recent technology has allowed pool connectivity to become even better, giving you complete control from a mobile app.

Peace of Mind at Your Fingertips

In many cases, being able to address potential problems with your pool early can save you headaches and money in the long run. The Pentair Home app provides alerts when something in your pool needs to be checked, for example, when your pool pump is disconnected or when your pH levels are unbalanced. It also allows you to connect with a trusted water professional near you to receive extra assistance as needed. Through the Home app, you can see a helpful snapshot of the health of your pool and monitor your products’ performance in one place.

The Pentair Home app also allows users to set up a theme, or routine, which will turn on specific features for you at the optimal time. For example, when going on vacation, you can establish “Vacation” mode to clean the pool at specific times and run the pump at a lower speed, whereas another mode will turn the heater and lights on to create a fun and enjoyable “party” atmosphere without you having to move a muscle. Leveraging connected products allows users to spend more time enjoying their pool and less effort programming.

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Making the Most of Your Technology

While smart connected products give users command of their pools from anywhere, at any time, below are some steps users should take to ensure they are getting the most benefit and efficiency out of their technology.

  • Connected products require a reliable internet connection. Newer smart control systems can easily connect wirelessly with a home WiFi connection, but users will need to ensure download speeds of at least 3 Mbps wherever the smart device is located. 
  • An important step after you purchase a product is to register your product with the manufacturer. By registering your products, you can streamline future service needs as manufacturers can view your history and send you important information about your product when needed, including information on software updates or news. 
  • Like any technology, pool automation systems require ongoing software updates. As tempting as it may be to skip those updates, it is recommended to run updates on an ongoing basis to ensure your pool equipment is working exactly how it should.

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Smart, Connected and Protected with Pentair Home

The Pentair Home app has a range of connected water management devices to help you move, improve and enjoy your home's water.

Multiple connected Pentair products can be managed through the Pentair Home app, with several designed to monitor and optimize your pool water and overall experience, including: 

As a bonus, connected products can also increase energy efficiency and help lower costs by tackling tasks like:

  • Setting up and altering equipment schedules to account for changes in pool usage, weather and other factors that impact overall performance.
  • Ensuring equipment isn’t accidentally left on for extended periods to help with cutting down on energy waste.
  • Controlling systems to take advantage of off-peak, seasonable utility rates.
  • Adjusting specific equipment through the power of wearables or smart devices.

Tip: When adding Pentair products that can also help save energy, be sure to check for benefits like product rebates or other special offers that companies may offer, too. 

A Helping Hand When You Need It

The Pentair Home app exists to make your life easier by offering pool product connectivity in the palm of your hand. Whether your whole pool is connected and automated or just a feature or two, there are opportunities to create an on-demand oasis from anywhere you are.

Learn more about the power of connected products and what the Pentair Home app has to offer here.

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