What Would You Do: Cell Phone Policy

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Industry professionals weigh in on a classic debate: cell phone usage at the workplace. How do you balance the need to tend to personal matters while still being professional?


The Question:

"What is your policy for employee cell phone usage?"



The Answers:


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"Cell phone use on the job is a distraction. Some of these guys think it's perfectly fine to socialize while on company time. The way I see it β€” my drivers shouldn't be on the phone while on the road. And the same while servicing an account. Distractions cause mistakes."



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Jamie Freeman
The Pool Pro | Chico, Calif.

"Personal cell phones are not allowed in company vehicles. My seasoned technicians were hesitant at first but then loved it. Their productivity skyrocketed because they weren't arguing with their significant others/exes all day. All personal calls get routed through me in the office. We supply business cell phones and monitor them."



Doug Steele
The Pool Shoppe | Ontario, Canada

"Passenger while driving, okay. Otherwise, when working it stays put away. It has been a deciding factor on how long summer staff stays around or if they get brought back next year. Seems to become more of an issue each year."



Larry Wagner
LA Pools, Inc. | Hatboro, Pa.

"If your job gets done and correctly...whatever."



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Eugene Staab
North Metro Pool | Woodstock, Ga.

"As the owner, do I use my phone on the job? You bet! But I never let it interfere with my productivity or job quality. Any conversations with the office or the spouse are generally to the point. The same goes when I receive nonbusiness calls from friends. But I have fired guys who feel it was their right to conduct nonessential personal and social business while on the clock."



"If they are being paid by the hour, they do not need to be using the phone on company time. If they are 1099 and paid by the job, it is up to them."


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