What's Trending in Retail: 2021 Retail Must-Haves Product Focus

Spring has arrived, and last year's swarm of new pool builds are set to reopen. As your newer customers drift back in to pick up their maintenance products, chances are they'll be on the lookout for something to make their swimming experience even better than last summer. Catch their eyes with this array of retail must-haves, from in-pool exercise equipment to spa fragrances.



5 R 421 Aq Cmp Bobe Sm

Bobé fire features can help enhance any poolscape. Pre-Fab Fire Pit Kits drop right in — finish with tile, stone or other material — and DIY Fire Kits make custom fire requests easy. Ready-Made Fire Tables are an ideal centerpiece for a pool deck or patio. Every Bobé fire product has a durable gas burner that produces thick, natural flames to mimic a real campfire.
c-m-p.com/bobe | (800) 733-9060



Ohh 421 Aq Npt Sm

The NPT Outdoor Elements catalog can help take outdoor living to a whole new level. The catalog includes outdoor lighting, fire and water features, fireplaces, fire pits, fencing, grills, outdoor kitchens, and accessories and details like outdoor speakers, heaters, in-pool furniture and synthetic turf. The NPT Outdoor Elements catalog can be viewed online, or print copies can be ordered at www.nptpool.com/catalogs.
nptpool.com | (888) 476-7665



Oow 421 Aq Camer Eye Sm

CamerEye introduces the Artificial Intelligence Smart Fence technology and safety ecosystem to provide faster distress detection and help save lives. CamerEye's ecosystem allows pool owners to monitor their pool 24/7, detect distress and near-drowning behavior through AI-powered overhead cameras and receive an alert within 10 seconds of distress being detected. This affordable and easy-to-install system keeps pool owners connected to their backyard as a part of their smart home ecosystem.
camereye.ai | (352) 284-1918



Oll 421 Aq Spa Essentials Sm

Essentials Spa Supplies
The Spa Escort Hand Rail provides safe entry and exit when using a spa. A convenient towel bar keeps towels dry and within reach, and 180-degree swivel action locks in position from in or out of the spa. This product features powder-coated, rust-free construction and a non-slip cushioned hand grip. No draining or moving the spa is required for installation.
essentials-spasupplies.com | (800) 866-2499



5 S 421 Aq Fafco Sm

The Solar Bear family of aboveground products offers do-it-yourself solar products with a wide range of sizes and options as well as a private label program. Add it to your business and enjoy an inclusive in-a-box retail solar solution with zero returns, a quick homeowner installation and solar for all styles, shapes and sizes of aboveground swimming pools.
fafco.com/freeheat | (800) 994-7652



Occ 421 Aq Ledge Lounger Sm

Ledge Lounger
Ledge Lounger's versatile Barstool does not have to be built into the ground during construction and can be easily repositioned for comfort and convenience. Self-sinking technology allows for easy installation by simply tossing the Barstool into the water and watching it settle to the pool floor, the company says. The Signature Barstool is contoured for comfort and support, easily adjusts to various floor angles and is suitable for deck and patio use.
ledgeloungers.com | (888) 749-5336



Oov 421 Aq Aqua Creek Sm

Aqua Creek
Aqua Creek's ProWave pool bike offers a physical, cardiovascular and fun workout in the pool. The unique flywheel design provides a smooth operation, and resistance can be adjusted with a turn of the tension knob to create a more invigorating workout. The ProWave is made in the U.S. and comes in a variety of bright neon colors.
aquacreekproducts.com | (888) 687-3552



Oqq 421 Aq Water Tech1jpg Sm

Water Tech Corp
Water Tech's new Volt Spa Vac Recharge is the perfect cash-n-carry retail must-have, the company says. Placed near the cash register or near display spas, this completely cordless, lithium battery-powered hot tub and spa vacuum cleans tight spa spaces and collects even the smallest dirt and sand. With a run time of up to 40 minutes, this fully rechargeable vacuum quickly removes all debris, leaves, sand and algae. Includes a reusable, all-purpose filter bag and a 3-piece sectional pool pole to reach all areas.
watertechcorp.com | (800) 298-8800



5 Q 421 Aq Black Oak Foundry Sm

Black Oak Foundry
Black Oak Foundry's newest addition to their medium bronze scuppers is the Sonoma Scupper in Oil Rubbed Bronze with the Black Background. The Sonoma Scupper's design is inspired by Greco-Roman architecture, while the back plate's grape and vine detail pay homage to the serene wine country. This product is available in several finishes, including Oil Rubbed Bronze and Antique Bronze.
blackoakfoundry.com | (949) 305-7372



Omm 421 Aq Sprint Aquatics1 Sm

Sprint Aquatics
The Water Walker adds resistance for water walking or running and is ideal for aquatic exercise, rehabilitation and therapy. Providing an opportunity to change up workouts, this product is a way to do lower extremity exercises in deep water. The Water Walker can help increase balance and strengthen muscles, according to the company.
sprintaquatics.com | (800) 235-2156



Oox 421 Aq Dundalk1 Sm

Dundalk LeisureCraft
The Southern Fantasy Tiki Bar is Dundalk Leisurecraft's smallest unit. This product can comfortably seat four or five guests. Additional options include a three-door cabinet as well as a palm or synthetic thatch roof. This product is shipped in an easy-to-assemble kit and is an ideal addition to the smaller backyard.
dundalkleisurecraft.com | (888) 923-9813



5 T 421 Aq Spazazz Sm

Spazazz Spa Lab Collection includes four fragrances of CBD oil-infused crystals, with a focus on relaxation and calmness. This blend of crystals is made with 100% all-natural, hemp-based CBD, aroma therapeutic oils and Dead Sea salts. According to the company, Spazazz products have been found to elevate and energize mood, hydrate and exfoliate skin, reduce inflammation and pain, and lessen stress. These crystals are all natural and will not affect water chemistry, the company says.
spazazz.com | (801) 785-4990



Nordichottubs 421 Sm

Nordic Hot Tubs
Nordic Hot Tubs introduces the Durabilt Base, a new ABS base with seat supports for all round tubs in the company's lineup. This product combines a fully-sealed ABS base for long life, even support and strength with an integrated equipment mounting platform. Nordic's new base provides hand holds for ease of lifting during delivery and placement, and the new design allows 360-degree service without having to remove the shell.
nordichottubs.com | (616) 940-4036



Oee 421 Aq Natural Chemistry2 Sm

Natural Chemistry
Natural Chemistry retail displays are ideal for retailers preparing stores for the 2021 summer season. These 4-foot racks make a natural social distancing prop — simply position racks with social distancing 'dots' on either end of the rack at 6 feet apart, allowing store staff to comfortably speak to customers while staying safely apart. The racks also include a bonus voucher for use on Natural Chemistry products purchased through the dealer's distributor of choice. Limited supply.
naturalchemistry.com | (800) 753-1233



Hhh 319 Aq Cover Butler Sm

Cover Butler
The Cover Butler, an industry standard for 25 years, is now available in designer black finish along with the original anodized silver. It is simple, affordable and durable and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
coverbutler.com | (800) 940-9457



4 Z 121 Aq Solar Sun Rings Product1 Sm

Solar Sun Rings
Add free heat to your pool with the power of the sun with Solar Sun Rings, a swimming pool cover which is unlike most other covers. Their patented heating technology allows for sunlight to be absorbed and converted into usable and sustainable solar heating for your customer's swimming pool.
solarsunrings.com | (866) 765-2704



1 O Aq0421 Sm

The Boomerang and Freemount combination is a showroom must-have, the company says. With the Freemount undermount system, no drilling into the spa is required. The Boomerang brings the cover right to the ground, with two 110-lb shocks providing 220 lbs of hydraulic assistance. This product is made in North America and has a limited lifetime warranty.
ultrapoolandspa.com | (800) 597-1343


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