2021 AQUA 100 Winner: Bullfrog Spas of Tri-Cities

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"Our motto is a good service experience can turn a one-time customer into a lifelong, repeat customer."

—David Isaacs
Owner, Bullfrog Spas of Tri-Cities

"The primary reason for opening a stand-alone Bullfrog store was Bullfrog's investment in the consumer experience," says David Isaacs, owner of Bullfrog Spas of Tri-Cities.

Isaacs is also the proud owner of Isaacs Pools & Spas — a 2020 AQUA 100 inductee — so while his company was founded in 1978, it wasn't until 2018 that he opened up a second store, Bullfrog Spas of Tri-Cities, as its own business. "After about five years of selling Bullfrog at Isaacs Pools, I decided Bullfrog needed its own store," he says.

The reason? Bullfrog Spas' innovative technology creates "one of the most unique and immersive hot tub shopping experiences anywhere in the industry," says Isaacs. "It was a chance for us to completely change the way we do retail."

The company worked alongside Bullfrog Spas to create a retail store that is up-to-date in current trends. Its VR system allows the customer to experience the spa firsthand and offers a sensory-rich experience. Digital kiosks walk customers through the different components of each hot tub and offers an in-depth look at Bullfrogs' JetPak Therapy System, which offers 18 interchangeable JetPaks that buyers can customize to their liking. "Bullfrog Spas also offers Design Studio, a 3D spa configurator, which lets customers design their own hot tub," says Isaacs.

And to boost employee/customer communication, the company partners with Smart Leads — which helps it funnel all leads into one place — and Podium, a platform that allows Bullfrog to mass communicate with customers via text. "Any Facebook, website or emails will funnel to one message system that all employees have access to at any time," explains Isaacs.

The employees at Bullfrog Spas of Tri-Cities bring over 200 years of combined experience, and each has extensive training. New members, for example, are sent to a week-long class at the Bullfrog Factory in Utah where they learn new techniques on the sales floor, customer service and product knowledge.

"Employees are at the heart of any business," says Isaacs, "and our team works very hard." Each year, to show appreciation and to celebrate a successful season, Bullfrog Spas of Tri-Cities has a special company event or trip. Last year, which was particularly challenging, the team took a trip to Gatlinburg, Tenn. "I couldn't think of a better way to say thank you," says Isaacs.

In the years to come, Bullfrog Spas of Tri-Cities will relocate from a small shopping plaza to a new location with road frontage, along with ample storage for extra spas and delivery equipment. "We also plan to convert an extra building on the location into a used hot tub repair shop for future resale," says Isaacs. "We have a big future ahead of us."

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