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Not only do uniforms promote a sense of team spirit and belonging, they can help you and your team look more professional. In addition, uniforms with a company's logo and colors provide free marketing to customers all day long. What uniform do you wear? Industry pros share their designs.


"I'm thinking about getting uniforms. What do your uniforms look like?"



5 O 421 Aq Ryan Otwell Sm

Ryan Otwell
Sun State Pool Care | Wesley Chapel, Fla.

"We went through Toplevel Sportsware to create this super light and breathable, rice mesh poly shirt. The shirt has UV protection, with us being in Florida."



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Pool Envy
Green Bay, Wis.

"We use Port Authority Clothing and custom embroidery. Our shirts have UVA 50 protection and for the life of me, I can't get chlorine to bleach one."



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Rachel Robinson
Richard's Total Backyard Solutions | Houston, Texas

"The UV polo shirts are made from Tee Shirt Hub, while the Crossland Soft Shell Jacket with custom embroidery is from 4imprint."



1 M Aq0421 Sm

Mark Jeffery Lilley
LilleyPadPools | Chico, Calif.

"I prefer Sport-Tek Polos. They dry fast, are cool in the summer, don't wrinkle easily, are somewhat resistant to chlorine and look professional."



5 P 421 Aq Uniform3 Sm

"You could take these shirts [Elevate Men's Macta Short Sleeve Polo Shirt from Promotique] and dip them in a bucket of straight bleach and I bet they would be like, 'Meh, is that all you got?' I purchased some for all of my employees, and everyone is amazed how well they hold up. They're super soft and cool, too."



"Pool Tech Gear did our custom dri-fit shirts, and they look sharp. I found them on Instagram. We provide the work shirt and tell our techs no athletic shorts or flip flops. They can provide their own shorts and shoes."



5 L 421 Aq Michael Silvester2 Sm


Michael Silvester
Pool Care Pros | Hervey Bay, Australia

"I designed this myself [the shirt was manufactured by Spida Custom Apparel]. We are going to franchise, so we needed something professional, unique and comfortable. The long sleeves are, of course, for sun protection."


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