What Would You Do: Social Media Promotions

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A contest giveaway on social media can be a great way to gain more followers and increase customer engagement. They can also help convert your business leads into valuable customers, because those who try a product for free (and like it) will often return to purchase more. What have pool and spa companies "raffled" off on their media accounts? Industry pros share their insights.




John Rigby
Rigby's Pool Services | Camden, Del.

"I'm trying to set up a giveaway to increase page followers on my business Facebook page. What are some items you have given away for promotion?"




Greifzu JL
Tuff Mudder Pools | Englewood, Fla.

"We support local businesses in our community, especially since COVID. We did ice cream cake giveaways for the 4th of July at the ice cream store, dinner gift certificates to local restaurants — anything that supports another local business and seems like a bonus for clients. I even did Coach purses once as thank you gifts. Honestly, just boosting a few posts works really well. Word of mouth has us so busy we can't catch up."



"My experience, maybe I've done it wrong, is every time I give something of monetary value away as a promotion, it only draws the cheap people that don't want anything unless it's free. I've had very little success with it. However, when I give something away — time, service, advice, or products — that was unexpected, it is greatly appreciated, and it returns with great reviews and loyalty to my business."



"You can do a free spa or another big ticket item if they buy it before X date. Then, if it snows or rains or ants come marching home by a certain date, they get a free insurance policy to cover it. This usually adds a percentage to the per unit cost, but it drives sales."



Roger A.
Pools Plus Hays | Hays, Kan.

"Services are by far the easiest thing to raffle off. While at that point, yes, it means being away and making no money. But if you do a great job at it, you will get a regular paying customer. Then, they will tell others about it, and you will get MORE business and make MORE money. You have to look at the bigger picture."



Brad Williams
Spartan Pool & Spa | Mission Viego, Calif.

"I picked up a couple of Amazon Echos during a sale (they were $5 each) and gave them away for a raffle. Both customers loved them."



Matthew van den Boogaard
PoolSpot | Brisbane, Australia

"Services don't cost anything upfront. Plus, if you offer free services, there is also the potential opportunity you might find future work."



"My company received a good deal on an offset pool umbrella at an auction. We did a Facebook giveaway for it, and it received a lot of action."


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