25 Thoughts on Your Kids Working in the Industry

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The pool and spa industry has a long, venerable tradition of filling the ranks with its own offspring. Many of our 30- and 40-year veterans, now looking to pass the baton to the next generation, grew up under the wings of a dad or mom in the 70s and 80s. But is that tradition still alive today?

In the 2020 State of the Industry report, we posed the question:

Do you want your kids to go into the pool and spa industry?


1. "Maybe โ€” if they seem drawn to the people and business."

2. "If it's what they want then sure. Just because it's what I do doesn't mean it's what they should do."

3. "I want my daughter to do whatever makes her happy and makes her a lot of money."


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5. "Yes and no. Obviously I want the business to continue, but I don't want my child to feel obligated because of it."

6. "If they have the passion. We are a second-generation company right now."

7. "We want them to make their own choices in life in any field they choose, but all the 'kids' that I have met who grew up in this industry seem to think they know it all and don't bother with continuing education!"


8. "Yes, however, unlike myself, only after going elsewhere first would I like them to return."

9. "I have a two-year-old daughter, and I would love for her to take over the business someday."

10. "Yes, but all my kids chose another route suited to their skills."

11. "I think they'd do great in the business."

12. "They will step into a much more functional business since ours has had 26 years of development."


13. "Really depends. I always wish for bigger and better things for my children."

14. "My son has plans of his own. I wouldn't get in the way of that."

15. "It was MY dream to own a pool/spa company, not theirs!"

16. "They have different expectations for their future, and I support them all the way."

17. "Frankly, I should have sold life insurance."


18. "They're in it!"

19. "Lawyer, accountant and a special needs teacher. All of our children have worked in the company. They understand the value."


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21. "Two of our three kids do work in the business."

22. "We have four kids, two work with us."

23. "They have worked with me in the past. They were great, but I'm really glad they weren't interested in the business."

24. "Yes, if their heart is in it. I have had three of my kids work for me as well as my son-in-law."


25. "I fired one of my kids and my son-in-law because of their attitudes."


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