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When pitching in to help out others, usually the best skills to offer are the ones you’re blessed with. If you’re skilled in pool care, you can do a lot of good for an organization with a pool that needs it. Water Tech Corp, based in East Brunswick, N.J., has taken that common sense approach in volunteering at its local YMCA, just a few blocks from the company’s headquarters.

(For those who are unfamiliar with the organization, YMCAs are designed to support families, especially in lower-end communities. They tend to operate on a shoe-string budget, charge minimal fees and sliding scale memberships for families that can’t afford to pay. Most of them offer very low-cost swim lessons.)

For the fifth year in a row, Water Tech employees have assisted the YMCA pool with maintenance expertise including repairing pumps, cleaning filters, opening and closing, and providing cleaning guidance to ensure patrons have a clean pool with clean water. Water Tech has also donated several of its battery-powered robotic cleaners for YMCA staff to incorporate into their daily pool cleaning maintenance program.

“We serve so many families with financial needs every summer and particularly this summer in light of the pandemic,” noted Gina Stravic, executive director of the Raritan YMCA. “The donations in time and equipment we receive from Water Tech go a long way to help ensure our patrons have a usable pool and allows our YMCA to offer many special needs aquatic programs.”

“The YMCA in our neighborhood truly runs itself because people get involved and give a helping hand,” says Water Tech President Guy Erlich. “Water Tech decided to support the efforts of this community organization by offering technical assistance on pool maintenance because we know they couldn’t afford to maintain the pool properly with their limited operating budget.”

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